There is so much that could be written here. Let's keep it simple. First, I'm lifetime local to Santa Rosa Beach/30A other than a short stint in NY. I've been here since moving back years ago but get to travel often for work. I've learned to appreciate what a beautiful place it is to live every time I come back from a trip. Almost 6 years ago I was gifted the motherhood journey & am momma to the most precious little boy with ASD which has been quite the journey on it's own. Let alone doing it by myself. I've learned a lot including how to see the best in a difficult (and wild) path. I'm extremely blessed to have found my soulmate who also loves humanitarian work and a personal growth journey as much as I do. Music, Garb & evening blue hour rides makes my heart sing all sorts of songs. I'm an art enthusiast and believe that we should live our every day intentionally and trying to live out the entire journey as a blessing. Not just the mountain peaks. I thrive on good soul filled conversations and have gotten to meet some of my favorite human's through this 12 year career as a photographer.